Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beauty but...

What is beauty and who has it?
It is not so easy to make the final decision for this question. The concept of beauty, in fact, is different from person to person. Anyone can tell their personal definition of beauty - who they think is beautiful and who is not. However, can be seen that nowadays, women is passionate in beauty. They are eager to be a good looking person in order to have their own satisfaction. And outer beauty is always be a priority to women rather than inner beauty. A good body shape, smooth and fair skin, nice blouses and jeans, as well as trendy scarf are now preferable for women. For them, a good looking reflects better personality or image in themselves and it is actually undeniable. Majority of the women nowadays are willing to spend more money in order to have a good looking. They are also disregard their health as long as they get their desirable outlook. To them, " beauty is pain, pain is beauty". This is totally not good! Yes, they are beautiful and good looking now, but later they will suffering as there are disease by disease begins to attack them. It is not a fault to look good, but lets take and make it simple. Spend for it based on affordability and always put health as foremost in beauty. Together we keep the phrase of "less is more" in having a good personality- for sure our life will be better.=)

Origami ouh Origami

Origami is fun and fascinating hobby. Some origami creations are really difficult and more exciting plus challenging to prepare. However, there is a number of easy origami creations that can be prepared by people of all age even kids. Origami is actually an ancient Japanese art of paper folding. It really requires mental dexterity which means that whoever interested on it needs to have a unique kind of spatial imagining that is further transformed into the act of folding a square piece of paper. Here are some of unique 3D origami models we would like to share:

From those origami illustrations shown above, we can see that the goal in doing it is just for fun and satisfaction or may be as accessories.However, the main goal is to create a representation of an object using geometric folds and crease patterns preferably without the use of gluing or cutting the paper. It used only one piece of paper! Begins with one piece of paper, more unique 3D origami models can be created as the passionate to make those complicated comes naturally.

Happy Eid!

Still in Eid mode - we would like to touch on the agenda or the common event held in Eid. There are so much things we can do during Eid, some event is heritable and some of them is new creation depending on the family desirable. What actually we would like to touch is about a heritable event called 'marhaban' or else known as 'baraan'. Marhaban is held in our neighbourhood respectively. It is some kind of event in purpose to tighten the relationships among neighbours. Marhaban trip is usually in the number of men from all over ages. However, undeniable that there is a marhaban trip amongst women. Marhaban trip will go house by house in the neighbourhood till at most midnight. Furthermore, marhaban could not finish in just one day at some neighbourhood, it may takes one to three days or may be by weeks. During Marhaban,  dua, 'selawat' and a few others religious speaks are called loudly in each house attended. And before leaving, the trip is given a feast ingenuously from the host in order to appreciate the marhaban trip. This is such a fun and exciting event that truly beneficial to everyone in the neighbourhood. For those guys who never join this event, we think that you should try and feel the hilarity of Marhaban.=)

Non-Baked Cheese Cake

Do you want to know how to make simple cheese cake and no need to bake it????
let me share a recipe of non-baked cheese cake....
Just follow the step and you'll get the same taste of cheese cake as Secret Recipe's cheese cake...

The Ingredient

1 packet of marie biscuit
1 cup of butter
1 kg of cream Cheese (i prefer to used Philadelphia)
1 cup of castor sugar
250 g of whipping cream
4 of eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
3 teaspoon of lemon juice
3 teaspoon of gelatin powder

The Method

  • Crush the biscuit with food processor and mix with melted butter until well combined. Press the biscuit mixture firmly onto the base of 9x9 pan and chill it into refrigerator about 10 minutes.
  • Beat cream cheese and sugar until creamy. At the same time, dissolved the gelatin powder in boiling water. Then add lemon juice. Stir and mix.

  • Whisk the whipping cream in another chilled bowl until it smooth and light.

  • Then, mix up all the mixture into cream cheese bowl and continue beat until light.
  • Carefully pour the mixture into the biscuit base. Chill for 7-8 hours or preferable overnight until set and firm.
  • For the topping,it is up to you to decorate you cheese cake..
So, simple right...just try yourself and then you will realized that is easy to make a delicious cheesecake same as Secret Recipe cheese cake..Don't forget to TRY and GOOD LUCK...hihihi

popular games in the world :D

1:  Football: Call it soccer or football or what’s ever you like –it’s the emperor of sports with the largest army of fan following and playing.  The beautiful game,is probably the most economical game to pursue requires only a ball or rounded object to kick around searching for the set goals . The game can be played by all level of community, rich as well as poor ,only the quality of the ball may differ but never the quality of the game. The rich from the rugs best suits football professionals. The game is followed passionately by nearly 100 countries and is the most popular sports in 93 countries amidst 4.1 billion population. Some notable names are China (1.3 billion),entire Europe ,South America ,Africa and Mexico. England is the financial hub of football and rightly so as the inventor of the modern game( Football has a Chinese origin) . The Football Worldcup is the largest sporting events in the world drawing as many as a billion viewers in the finals alone. Even if one considers that 40% of the 4.1 billion population follows football it makes the figure up to 1.64 billion, by far the most popular.

2: Cricket: The gentleman’s Game as referred by the English is invented by the British though some expert say that it have Indian origin (resembles Indian rural sport , Gilli Dandi).  The game requires a bat and a ball to bowl, seems economical, but poor and the rich cannot play the same quality game . In rural areas people use wooden piece, sculpted with a design of bat and a ball made of plastics, leather or a tennis ball.   The game is the most popular sports in as many as 25 countries, where in some it is just more than a game. The game is the undisputed emperor and  hugely popular in India(1.1 billion),Pakistan ,Bangladesh, Nepal ,Srilanka, Australia, Afghanistan and the Caribbean countries making the total cricketing countries population to 1.63 billion . Now assuming that 40 % of this population follows the game, makes  0.65 billion which helps it to sit comfortably at no. 2 spot. India is the financial hub of cricket contributing almost 75 % of fund as well as viewers. Cricket is also popular in England ,South Africa, New Zealand and Kenya .

3: Tennis : The queen of sports  ,tennis is invented by England . It may not be the most popular sport in any country but it is in second or third spot or amongst the top 5  in as many as 50 countries. Some notable countries where the game is popular are USA , Europe ,Australia, India ,and some parts of Asia and America making the population upward 2 billion . Tennis can be label as rich man sport, so considering 15 % following the game make the number to 0.33 billion and helps it secure 3 position . The Grand slam are amongst the most watched sporting events. It is probably the most sought after and prestigious sporting career for women. 

4 : Field Hokey : National sports by name in India and Pakistan, modern field hockey is invented by England. South east Asia originally dominated the sport 50 years ago,it could had very well but later was dominated by India and pakistan. It is amongst the top 5 sports in India ,Pakistan ,Bangladesh ,Australia ,Argentina, Holland, south Korea, Germany, Malaysia and some parts of Europe and Africa making the population to 1.6 billion . Now considering 20 % the figure stops at 0.32 billion making the game 4 most popular sports in the world.

5: Base ball: Base ball is a ball game is the national pastime of the United States . It’s the  most popular sports in as many as nine countries like in Japan ,Korea, Cuba, Taiwan etc and amongst the most  popular in USA .Total base ball playing population is 600 million. As we consider 40 % the number comes at 240 million. USA is the financial hub of baseball and the players are amongst the richest sportsman in the world.

6: Basketball: It is hugely popular in countries like USA and Philippines along with 4 other countries and gaining momentum in China, thanks to NBA, and good many followers in the world. Basketball is a rich man sports and does not appeal to third world countries but enough to make it the sixth most popular with a followers of almost 230 to 240 million people. NBA is the most popular basketball show and probably the most popular professional league in the world.

7: Volleyball: It is very popular in USA and almost 100 countries play the game professionally. Conventional volleyball and beach volleyball is usually the volleyball that people watch.The game may not be most popular in any countries but certainly enjoys a popularity level in almost all nations. Considering the amount of people playing the game it must have been among the top 5 sports but as a spectator sports it ranked 7th ,considering a mass following of in excess of 200 million .

8: Table tennis: An English by invention table tennis   is the second most popular sports in China alone makes it the amongst the top 5, but internationally it has limited audience with Korea, U.K, and some European nations.

9: Rugby Football: Another English invention , Rugby union and Rugby league are very popular in Australia, South Africa ,England ,Wales, New Zealand ,French ,Madagascar ,Fiji and to some extend in Argentina ,USA and some European nation . It is the most popular sports in as many as six countries and has 200 million observers helping it to be ranked at no.9

10: Golf: Golf has the stiffest competition from American football and Ice hokey .Both ice hokey and American football has fan following nearing the 200 million mark but considering the popularity of golf across the world especially in USA ,Europe,Asia, South Africa and Australia it has to be ranked. Golf is a games for poor people bevause it is  probably the most expensive sports in the world.

Future of Floating Building

Russian architect, Alexander Remizov believes in one of his design which is a floating building for most of 
future life. For his design, he planned for 10,000 people can live aboard his prototype, name Ark.

Ark is made of wood, steel and strong ETFE plastic and could be adapted to all environments. Ark could be used for various purposes, offices, hotel and any other facilities.

After he mastered degree on the subject of settlements that do not pollute the environment, he decided to continue working in the same field with his company Remistudio and make a modern building that will be in harmony with the environment which he still struggling on the Ark.

For power supply, he solved with his colleague Lev Britvinom. As on paper, in the center of the building is set a generator of electricity using wind power, and the facility is on the outside covered with solar panels. If the building is set on the water, Remiziv says that it could use the thermal energy of water. 

As far as we know, our land is very limited where there would be our house, mammal’s habitat, place to build building as well as roads. It is possible one day we probably have none of it and comes idea by architect to use water as a base of any construction. It will come, one day ;)

Some other idea by architectures