Saturday, 10 September 2011

HUH?! OUH....

It just today i feel like to show something cool. Hope readers going to like it ;) 

Giant Sofa.

I wonder what would be the price. With this huge sofa of course by seeing those two guys you can see at most 5 men can sleep on that and probably 6 persons can sit on it. A giant would happy to seat on it but WHO???

 Big Foot Guitar.

Who says you cannot play guitar with your foot guys? It is well proved now ;p Imagine a band performing with two to three colours of guitars, showing off the talent of your foot might be awesome! ;)

 Gun Operated Alarm Clock

This is a light gun which has been modified with tilt switches to control the digital alarm clock. Once u set your alarm, it will noise and the thing you only need to do is grab the gun LAZILY and just kill it off.
If i have one, I will be a good shooter i guess  ;)

 It do not has a title but I am going to called it a non-ergonomic bed ;D

This kind of bed just looks ‘wow’ but do you think it is worth to have one? You are only allowed to be in that position only or else, u will fall down. Obviously, it leads to hazard and unsafely bed.

Portable condom ashtray (This is what it called by the designer)

We are in a century of environmental crisis which has done by each of us. This small thing really helps a lot. By discarding off the ash finely could save at least few percents of our nature. Love our planet smokers ;) PEACE!