Sunday, 14 August 2011

Eh Eh Fasting Month Not Done Yet! Part 2:

Huh! All day long fasting, never stop waiting, finally it comes to the most wonder moment - breaking fast.The Muslims can only break their fast after the Maghrib call. They being excited to hear the Call and started to pray for the food.  Some of the people choose to break the fast at home. Maybe it was good to be at home to eat with the family and have some good time with family. Some people choose to break their fast at the restaurant, having a buffet at hotels and maybe break their fast at work place.

The Bazaar Ramadhan is the most attracted place that full of variety food, drinks and also many kind in range of people. As can be seen here in MICET, majority of students are preferred to go to such place.They eagerly buy their foods and drinks and also other supplement menu for their tummy demands. The most attracted about Bazaar Ramadhan is the tagline of the traders that sometimes make the people around them smile but sometimes became annoyed (hahaha..) while looking at them.

But, we all people should remember that we must not spend the money too much just because want to eat everything that have been sold at bazaar Ramadhan. Malaysian people should be grateful to be a Malaysian because of the variety of foods and drinks and doing the fast in peace….

pEaCe YaWW?!!!!=)


Assalamualaikum guys…..

I would like to share some tips to fit our energy during fasting month. Here some tips probably useful to you:

  • Try to get simply-healthy food during your sahur. The sahur should be taken nearest to imsak time. The suggested food is grains, cereals and whole-meal bread because this kind of food has a lowest time rate to digest and give enough energy for the whole fasting day.

    • We also need some fiber to make our tummy health and maintain a good digestive system.

      • Drinks more plain-warm water to prevent our body to hydrate. We should drink more than 8 glasses per day during breaking fast and sahur.

        • No need to skip your exercise routine but you may try the light exercise such as yoga and cardio. These exercise can burn up your fat at maximum rate. Maybe we should practice the tarawikh. So guys, who are wish to reduce their weight and reduce some unwanted fat maybe should take note this one, so we can make new hot ‘kebaya’ for our Eid Fitri….=)

          • Lastly, we should be positive and enjoy the fasting month with grateful and peace.