Saturday, 13 August 2011

Eh Eh Fasting Month Not Done Yet! Part 1:

Again, we came out with another ideas in Ramadhan, but at this time is more specifically to share about. It is about sahur and breaking fast!

Sahur!Sahur!Sahur! Never done this throughout a year but only in the super special month – Ramadhan. Sahur is referring to the meal consumed early in the morning by Muslims before fasting. Somehow,it is important to ensure we get ample energy in the next hours of fasting. But not all Muslims having this in their routine of Ramadhan. It is not compulsory, and thus there is an option to them either to have it or not. However, there is so much perceptions in having sahur credited by everyone. Some said that it is a must to ensure their adrenaline is active at all time of fasting; some said that they just want to have merit of sahur; and some said, they worried if they could hungry as a hunter in while. Anyway, it is still everyone’s perceptions. No end. No end, like the twins were no end of trouble.

Sahur is not limited to kind of foods and drinks. We can take any as long as it is in time. By experiences, for example in here, in MICET, there are some students just simply having a glass of plain water with jam-spread bread for sahur! Unless for students who decided to have their sahur out of MICET. Maybe somewhere at Nasi Lemak Honda? Or Subaidah? Or maybe at Pak Putra as well as Mac Donald fast food. Where else? Lets share with us in here about the ‘regular port’ you guys have been before for sahur.  Anyway guys, sahur was taken almost midnight till a time referring to imsak or else before subuh. Right after that, we will endure fasting, the main subject of Ramadhan.

By the way guys, sahur is not only for personal adapted, it is actually a pretty-good thing to be applied of. Lets have some contemplations for this Ramadhan instead of our eating reliefs:

Narrated Abu Musa Al−Ash`ari: The Prophet said, "Give food to the hungry, pay a visit to the sick and release (set free) the one in captivity (by paying his ransom).

Narrated Abu Huraira: The family of Muhammad did not eat their fill for three successive days till he died.

Narrated Abu Huraira: that he passed by a group of people in front of whom there was a roasted sheep. They invited him but he refused to eat and said, "Allah's Apostle left this world without satisfying his hunger even with barley bread."

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The ramadhan

Allahamdulilah today was the 10th day I undergo fasting. Pack timetable and a ton of assignment  make I forget the true meaning and the beauty of Ramadan.The month of Ramadan is the most beautiful time to rectify yourself to become better Muslims because in this whole month Allah Almighty has declared that the gates of his mercy are open for everyone of us to ask him forgiveness. His mercy is like abundant rain falling heavily on the believers, spraying them with divine light and blessings and washing away their sins!

Alhamdulillah! we learn in this beautiful month that the Holy Prophet use to urge his followers to ask forgiveness much in this blessed month as indicated in a part of hadith addressing the Companions before the commencement of Ramadan.

Let's celebrate the beauty of Ramadhan together by:

  • Performing the Fast of Ramadhan as best as we can to strengthen our iman
  • Increasing our knowledge by reading the holy Quran and reflecting on how we can live its lessons in our lives
  • Practicing moderation in our breaking of fast to avoid wastage.

The good of 'OH NO' fasting month

Fasting is another unique characteristic of Islam. It is mean abstain completely from foods, drinks and intimate intercourse until the dusk. It describes to Micet’s students neither we are currently in a mood of walking on air nor watered us down. Students are eagerly and felt just energetic winded up to bazaar Ramadhan every evening for a month sometimes just to buy a drink or something but then, when it comes to lecture time even though at 11am, some students will of course down their heads with eyes closed. ;)

Basically, we all knew fasting is very good exercise for tummy as well as other organism. Even doctor recommends fasting for few days in a week with 100% proved leads no harm. “Doctor helps, the nature cure”. This quote means fasting is one of a process that could up and about ones. It gives rest the inner part of tummy from working continuously to digest food we have eaten including too high of fat foods which make our tummies work harder to work on that ‘fat’.

Rather than abstain from few rules, automatically, whoever is fasting, they are prone to be less hyperactive in a day so that they would not feel too thirsty and starving in the middle of noon. This also includes speeches, tale stories and gossips to whomever like to be a main speaker. These days, girls and boys just can be seated together and lend ears for gossiping. OH MY GOD. You do not have to be so deep into this carrier because you are not getting paid like a host nor lawyer. It just could make your mouth thin probably if you believe it is one of physical exercises. The things that can be sure are the engineers wanted to be of Micet’s students are more preferred to stay cool and study. ;)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Entering unikl micet july 2011

17 July 2011 indicate a new beginning for uniKL MICET bachelor student july 2011 intake. During registration day, there were lot of tears fell into the ground as student wish goodbye to their friend and family. Variety of people from all around Malaysia come that day in passion to become a chemical engineer, from fuzzy-dude to cool looking guys we all in the same boat.

Not every day is a beautiful day, during the second day of the oretention week, water supply to female and male student have been cut off because of limple system problem.The situation getting worst day by day as reserve water in the hostel dry out. All MSR activity have to be cancel out in hope to reduce new student stress level. But every cloud have silver lining, water tanker eventual arrive on the fourth day giving student a huge relieve and new spirit to begin a journey to become uniKL micet student.

Student gathering to collect water from water tanker