Sunday, 18 September 2011

Beauty but...

What is beauty and who has it?
It is not so easy to make the final decision for this question. The concept of beauty, in fact, is different from person to person. Anyone can tell their personal definition of beauty - who they think is beautiful and who is not. However, can be seen that nowadays, women is passionate in beauty. They are eager to be a good looking person in order to have their own satisfaction. And outer beauty is always be a priority to women rather than inner beauty. A good body shape, smooth and fair skin, nice blouses and jeans, as well as trendy scarf are now preferable for women. For them, a good looking reflects better personality or image in themselves and it is actually undeniable. Majority of the women nowadays are willing to spend more money in order to have a good looking. They are also disregard their health as long as they get their desirable outlook. To them, " beauty is pain, pain is beauty". This is totally not good! Yes, they are beautiful and good looking now, but later they will suffering as there are disease by disease begins to attack them. It is not a fault to look good, but lets take and make it simple. Spend for it based on affordability and always put health as foremost in beauty. Together we keep the phrase of "less is more" in having a good personality- for sure our life will be better.=)


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