Sunday, 18 September 2011

Future of Floating Building

Russian architect, Alexander Remizov believes in one of his design which is a floating building for most of 
future life. For his design, he planned for 10,000 people can live aboard his prototype, name Ark.

Ark is made of wood, steel and strong ETFE plastic and could be adapted to all environments. Ark could be used for various purposes, offices, hotel and any other facilities.

After he mastered degree on the subject of settlements that do not pollute the environment, he decided to continue working in the same field with his company Remistudio and make a modern building that will be in harmony with the environment which he still struggling on the Ark.

For power supply, he solved with his colleague Lev Britvinom. As on paper, in the center of the building is set a generator of electricity using wind power, and the facility is on the outside covered with solar panels. If the building is set on the water, Remiziv says that it could use the thermal energy of water. 

As far as we know, our land is very limited where there would be our house, mammal’s habitat, place to build building as well as roads. It is possible one day we probably have none of it and comes idea by architect to use water as a base of any construction. It will come, one day ;)

Some other idea by architectures 


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